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Letter: Don’t change livability

Sue Lorain re Gearhart short-term rentals

Published on October 6, 2017 12:01AM

I am in favor of safe, fair, and reasonable regulation of short-term rentals in Gearhart. That is why I am voting no on ballot Measure 4-188 this November. I believe the short-term rentals ordinance, unanimously passed by the Gearhart City Council, is fair in every way.

Fair means open, transparent conversations followed by decision-making based on the needs and desires of the community. Fair means copious research, acquisition of factual information, communication, listening, compromising, evaluating, monitoring and tweaking.

Fair means upholding Gearhart’s comprehensive plan by retaining a low density residential community while allowing all current short-term rental owners the opportunity to continue to rent their homes safely fairly, and uniformly. The current short-term rental ordinance meets all these criteria.

In contrast, ballot Measure 4-188 is not safe, fair or reasonable. It is not safe to have an unlimited number of renters 12 years of age or less. It is unreasonable to assume unlimited numbers of youths and children have a lesser impact on a septic system. It is not fair for Gearhart taxpayers to foot a nearly $10,000 special election bill.

Finally, it is not fair or reasonable for the two chief petitioners to compromise the safety, livability and taxpayers’ money so their children can afford to keep a family home by renting their inherited “gift” to transient visitors.

Know all your facts so you can vote reasonably and fairly.

Sue Lorain



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