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Letter: Another Democrat falls

E. Robert Nassikas re Democrat Hall of Shame

Published on October 20, 2017 12:01AM

Add another illustrious Democrat to the lengthening list of sex predators, misogynists, perverts and all-round low-life savages. The latest to join that sparkling list of Democrats is Hollywood mogul and movie producer Handsome Harvey Weinstein.

Handsome Harvey was revered by highly-placed Democrat politicians, and it wasn’t because of his looks or manners. He was tolerated because of the huge amounts of dollars he donated to the Democratic Party, not to mention the bags of cash he bundled for many low-life Democrat politicians.

Literally dozens of beautiful women have come out — after years of silence because of fear of retribution — to expose the vicious, depraved pervert as having forced his repulsiveness on them for promises of Hollywood-style fame and fortune or, conversely, threats of career destruction for noncompliance.

At least two or three have accused him of rape. Repulsive Harvey is the latest to join the list of Democrats, most of them elected politicians, engaged in this type of behavior. The Hall of Shame includes the late, not-so-great U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, who not only was a serial womanizer, but also one who left one of his female victims to drown in a Cape Cod pond; the disgraced, impeached Bill Clinton, who sexually assaulted a long string of women (his wife, Hillary, led the “cleanup” squad to squelch and destroy his victims), and Anthony Weiner, alias Carlos Danger, pervert and close friend of the Clintons, who displayed his private “wares” to women and children via computer.

Other Democrats in the Pantheon of Disgrace include Ku Klux Klansman U.S. Sen. Bobby Byrd, racist President Lyndon Johnson and racist and liar President Barack Hussein Obama — a partial list that must make Democrats swell with pride.

There’s one bright spot in the Democrat darkness, however, and it’s the fact that that pathetic loser and punchline, Hillary Clinton, never made it to the room of her dreams — the Oval Office. For that gift, we can thank President Donald J. Trump.

E. Robert Nassikas



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