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Letter: Bad parenting

Hannah Medford re bad parenting

Published on October 20, 2017 12:01AM

I moved to Astoria a year ago, and have come to love this town. Today, though, I saw two things that are making me think about the children of this town, and what they are being taught.

While shopping at Safeway, I watched a young girl about 11 years old climb the stack of pumpkins outside the store, with her mother’s encouragement, so that she could take a picture of her daughter standing on top of the pile of pumpkins. The mother had no regard for her daughter’s safety or the fact that she was damaging property that didn’t belong to either of them.

The second instance involved a father walking on the sidewalk outside my apartment, looking at the painted rocks in my front yard. He told his daughter it was OK to take one of my painted rocks, and when I knocked on the window and motioned for her to put it back, her father came back to stare in my window at me, trying to intimidate me.

If the girl had asked me, I would have given the rock to her — but neither her or her father asked — they just took it. Stealing and damaging other’s property are not things my parents taught me, and I am appalled at these two parents’ behavior, and the example they are setting for their children.

Hannah Medford



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