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Letter: Choose to vote ‘no’

Susan Edy re Measure 4-188

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

Gearhart is coming to another crossroad which will affect its direction for years. The big question? Should one vote “yes” or “no” on Measure 4-188?

The answer lies in what you want for the future of your special town. If you are a full-time resident, live in Gearhart for 183 days annually, and are not illegally filing taxes from your vacation home, if you grew up in this town, you understand how Gearhart has dramatically changed in recent years.

We now have a brewpub, a strip mall much like 82nd Street in east Portland, and a highway speeding problem that is rarely enforced. The charm of yesteryear is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. It does not have to. Choose to vote “no” on Measure 4-188.

Those supporting a “yes” vote profess rental restrictions will hurt property values. Have they not heard? Houses have been selling like hotcakes, and there is a housing shortage. Short-term rental owners are making tons of money, and are quite happy to line their pocketbooks with the cash coming in from their “homes.”

They complain regulations do not make economic sense. Who are they kidding? These homes are individual motels. They should be taxed with regulations. Why? They are using our town. Regulations create safety restrictions for those who rent the homes, e.g. the number of people permitted to stay in a home. They create guidelines for septic tank use, so our healthy aquifer (our underground water table) will not become contaminated. Regulations protect residents who deserve reasonably quiet neighborhoods, streets that are not jammed with cars.

Don’t let Gearhart become a town for visitors only. Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes. The minority who support a “yes” vote are ruled by the almighty dollar. Many “yes” supporters don’t live here, and are either vacation rental businesses, or those owning vacation rental properties.

Don’t let Gearhart’s uniqueness become a thing of the past. Please do your part to help Gearhart retain the true, safe, small town atmosphere we all cherish. Vote “no” on Measure 4-188.

Susan Edy



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