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Letter: Ducks in a row

Jim Bernard re having faith

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

The other day, on my morning jaunt on the Warrenton Waterfront Trail, the sound of gun shots from duck hunters prompted a memory of many years ago.

I was duck hunting with a friend. It was dark as we approached the lake. He cautioned me to get down and crawl toward the lake, and not to shoot until the ducks started to fly. But he apparently got anxious and started shooting, and guess what? No ducks. But he shot up all the decoys.

My point is this: Oftentimes we preempt our Lord in life matters. We try to force things to happen on our time, and not on his. “Why haven’t I found the right job?” or the “right mate?” “Will I ever get over this medical problem?” “Will my teenager ever straighten out?”

Have faith. When the ducks are in a row, the Master Hunter will bring it to pass.

Jim Bernard



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