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Letter: Goose’s golden egg

Carol Lucas re Measure 4-188

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

The rise of the vacation rental industry changed things. Our residential properties were being snatched up for short-term rentals. In an effort to be fair and accommodate everyone already involved, the city of Gearhart held years of public meetings, and eventually passed a very generous vacation rental ordinance.

Now those running these businesses (those who had been violating our plan) could continue in the residential zones, but a cap was put on the future spread of this neighborhood-destroying blight. This leaves more than 80 short-term rentals in our residential zones, and Gearhart is a very small town.

But rather than be pleased with this very generous compromise, some want our whole town. Hence our current election. Forget residential zones. They just make lifestyle in those zones pleasant for the actual residents. Just go for the money and a wild west attitude, masquerading as property rights. I guess they have forgotten the story of the goose that laid the golden egg?

It is imperative, if you are a Gearhart resident, that you take the time to vote no on Measure 4-188. We need a mandate. These folks will be back. The more no votes we have, the more power the city has to resist their future onslaught. Every vote really counts. We need numbers.

Next Tuesday is the deadline. If you enjoy living in Gearhart as it is today, you need to vote “no” today.

Carol Lucas



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