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Letter: Let customers park

John Samp re downtown parking

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

Earth to businesses and employees and landlords operating in the Astoria downtown business district: We have a large competitor opening soon to the south of us. Typically, when they open, more than 100 small businesses fold in a matter of months.

Weekly, I have noticed that owners of some businesses downtown, and sometimes employees and renters, park nearby most of the day. We are not perfect, and we forget, etc. But going forward, can we all at least abide by the two-hour parking rule that currently exists?

Somewhere around 1990, the Astoria downtown association produced a study showing that each parking space in downtown Astoria was worth $500 in local commerce. What would that amount be with inflation?

Let us band together within our small business community, and at least not shoot ourselves in the foot, and enforce the current parking requirements.

John D. Samp



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