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Letter: Let us decide

Pamela Chater re Lianne Thompson

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

I was surprised to see an article in The Daily Astorian where Scott Lee, a Clatsop County commissioner, was calling for the resignation of Lianne Thompson as county commissioner for District 5 (“Lee calls for Thompson’s resignation,” Oct. 26). He said that her expenses were too high, and that she was too expressive in her interactions with others.

Thompson was elected by the people as our county commissioner, not appointed by Scott Lee. I have been a resident of Cannon Beach for many years. During that time I have seen Commissioner Ann Samuelson recalled, resulting in a partial terms of office. Her successor, appointed by the Board of Commissioners, served a partial term only to be defeated by Debra Birkby, who resigned after three years in office.

The county Board of Commissioners appointed Matt Samuelson to complete her term, but because he had not filed to run, the seat was left open. Lianne Thompson ran for the position in 2014, and won that election.

District 5 covers a large area, and Commissioner Thompson travels throughout her district and listens to our concerns. Liquefied natural gas jumps to mind. I have been contacted by Thompson on several occasions, and asked for input on various topics. No other commissioner has done that.

I feel that she truly represents us. She has attended several conferences to hone her skills and to better understand the challenges that we face. She attended programs that have prepared her for catastrophic events that could occur on the North Coast. I believe that she has even become a ham radio operator. She understands the need for jobs, affordable housing and sustainable forestry.

I meet Lianne Thompson when the Backpack Program was started in Cannon Beach. She donated her time to help our kids. She would bring her dog, who suffered from separation anxiety, and would check on him throughout the hours we spent packing food for the children. She is a loving and caring person.

Her background, education and her caring personality make her a dedicated and committed commissioner. The people elected Lianne Thompson, and we are proud of the job that she is doing. She is up for re-election in 2018; let the people of this district decide if she stays or if she goes, not Scott Lee.

Pamela Chater

Cannon Beach


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