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Letter: Protect our town

Deborah Albrecht re Measure 4-188

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

The proponents of Measure 4-188 are using financial fear tactics to try to bully their way into a win. They are stating that Gearhart “needs” unlimited vacation rentals to survive. They are stating that our property values will go down if we don’t allow unlimited short-term rentals and that properties will sit on the market, driving prices down further.

Realtors are reporting that since the passing of the city ordinance limiting short-term rentals that people are buying property to live here full time, and that property values are continuing to rise. Full-time residents contribute to the fabric of our community. This is what will support our future.

Proponents of Measure 4-188 are also claiming they want to protect jobs. Businesses are struggling on the coast to find employees because of the extreme shortage of long-term rentals. A popular restaurant in Manzanita recently closed because it could not find housing for its employees. In Cannon Beach, employers are being forced to buy housing for their employees to rent. There are help wanted signs everywhere you look.

The out-of-town property owners who are pushing this measure do not seem to know or care about our community or our residents’ needs, and as much as they claim to be a part of our town, most of us have not met them.

They forced the city into a battle at the Land Use Board of Appeals at quite some expense, that then upheld our regulations. Now they have forced a ballot measure on the people of Gearhart that is also costly and time-consuming, all to promote their business interests.

Friends, please do not let big business determine the future of our community. Please vote “no” on Measure 4-188.

Deborah Albrecht



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