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Letter: Saluting Thompson

Dan Brown re Lianne Thompson

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

Community Action Team would like to salute Lianne Thompson, one of its board members from Clatsop County. Originally based in Columbia County, Community Action Team was asked to add Clatsop County to its service territory in the 1980s. We quickly helped community members form Clatsop Community Action which delivers the lion’s share of our services, outside of Head Start.

Thompson represents the private sector of her communities, and keeps our board focused on the particular needs of Clatsop County. This kind of community “grounding” has been at the heart of Community Action since we were formed during the War on Poverty in 1966. We are truly grateful for the local wisdom and guidance we received from our Clatsop County board members.

Dan Brown

Executive director, Community Action Team

St. Helens


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