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Letter: Thompson is dedicated

Mark Labhart re Lianne Thompson

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

I am a recently retired Tillamook County commissioner, where I served for 12 years before retiring. I feel compelled to write this letter as I have been made aware of some personal attacks on a fellow county commissioner, Lianne Thompson.

I have known Lianne since she became a Clatsop County commissioner, and have worked with her on local, state and national issues. It is refreshing to see a part-time commissioner so engaged. As you may know, commissioners in Clatsop County are part time where most of the rest of the commissioners on the west side of Oregon, like Tillamook County, are full time.

I find her quite committed, transparent, positive, encouraging and realistically optimistic. I was glad to see her engaged at the state level this last legislative session on important issues to Clatsop County and the Oregon Coast. I was glad to see her involved at the Association of Oregon Counties level on issues important to all counties in Oregon. Clatsop County finally had a voice at the table.

Folks, you have a dedicated, hard-working person who serves you well. Thought you would like to know that from someone from the outside who sees her good work for you, the citizens of Clatsop County.

Mark Labhart



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