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Letter: Another Astoria vision

Marian Derlet re a vision for Astoria

Published on November 10, 2017 12:01AM

I was puzzled and saddened by Kevin Cronin’s article, “My vision for Astoria” (The Daily Astorian, Oct. 31). The second objective dealt with empowerment, and suggested that along with a John Jacob Astor volunteer day, all should read “Astoria” by Peter Stark. The goal, as I understood it, was to create a sense of pride for the area we inhabit.

A more appropriate initial reading would be the book “Cedar” by Hilary Stewart. Her research illustrates the brilliance of the Native American people who inhabited this area and built sustainable lifestyles, particularly through their ingenious use of cedar.

Cronin calls Astor a pioneer. Pioneer is a term that refers to the first person to open or settle a region. The Clatsop-Nehalem and Chinook tribes were already here. Our vision for Clatsop County, and the cities within, needs to be based on an inclusive history that recognizes contributions of all peoples, not just Europeans.

Marian Derlet



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