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Letter: Library access for kids

Rick Newton re library cards

Published on November 17, 2017 12:00AM

I read the article “Why every child needs a library card” (The Daily Astorian, Oct. 30) by R.J. Marx with great interest, but I found that I missed one very important point that Warrenton Library Director Nettie Calog filled in for me.

The Reading Outreach in Clatsop County program, commonly called ROCC, ensures that any child living in our county, in any of the five school districts, can get a library card from one of the three libraries in the program: Warrenton Library, Astoria Library or Seaside Library. It was not clear in the article that any child can ask for a free library card, no matter where they live within the county.

I would hope that The Daily Astorian would do a little more to clarify that through the ROCC program, every child in our county has access to our libraries. This is a great program that needs promoting. Thank you to the librarians for coming together to make this program work.

Rick Newton

Warrenton City Commission


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