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Letter: Looking at autumn in Astoria

Norm Hooge re autumn

Published on November 10, 2017 12:01AM

I can’t let it go. All seasons have their beauty, but to me autumn in Astoria and along the coast is special. I feel this is a time when many people have a new awakening, and perhaps a new hope.

These months, as the climate changes, seem to be that of renewed energy where people are moving faster, and anticipating the rush and excitement of the approaching fall holiday season. Good or not, by September Christmas is already in the stores.

Autumn is on time in Astoria. I remember in the south, although the will to begin autumn was there, the climate didn’t fully cooperate until December. In my old days, people would wear their new, and old, fall clothes in September, no matter the temperature outside.

I’ve always felt it was extraordinary to live here. This is a town of unique history and character. A place often so beautiful that I can get lost in time. The sunsets are always great, but in autumn, with the shorter days, the vivid changing colors of trees and other vegetation, the extra chill, the days and sunsets are magical. The magic of colors, climate and change.

I feel even the foggy, rainy, glum-looking days, of which there can be many, are part of the magic. Most of the people on the coast do not let the weather bother them. We work, run and play as usual. It is our existence, and even our pride. It is autumn in Astoria.

Norm Hooge



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