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Letter: Thompson seeks opportunities

Margaret Magruder re Lianne Thompson

Published on November 10, 2017 12:01AM

As a commissioner, serving my first term in neighboring Columbia County, I have appreciated the time that Clatsop County Commissioner Lianne Thompson has taken to provide information and to include me in events and meetings that have an impact on my county, as well as hers.

The work Lianne does with the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) is invaluable. As individual counties, we have limited influence on policy on the state and federal level. However, as a group we are a powerful voice in the Oregon Legislature and with our congressional delegation.

One of the efforts Lianne has worked on is researching opportunities for economic development for North Coast counties. She has been instrumental in convening a group to discuss the potential of involvement in the Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) market. There are many possible opportunities for timber counties — such as Columbia and Clatsop — to be a part of this growing product area; whether it be in supplying the raw material, milling the lumber, manufacturing or providing the port access for export of CLT.

Involvement in the AOC has opened many doors for me. The counsel and discussion that take place in the various committee meetings and conferences, along with the networking opportunities have assisted me in providing effective leadership in Columbia County.

Lianne takes an active role in AOC committees and discussions and provides a strong voice for Clatsop County. Participation on the state and national level offers an opportunity to exchange ideas and find successful solutions to the challenges that local government faces on a daily basis. Thank you, Commissioner Thompson, for your active role in this process.

Margaret C. Magruder



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