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Letter: Time to impeach

Gary Kolasinski re petition to impeach

Published on November 10, 2017 12:01AM

Fellow Democrats, I have a bit of information that might interest you, and possibly get you excited and motivated. I surely hope so.

I watch CNN quite often. One day recently as I was watching, an ad came on, and I perked right up. It’s about a grassroots effort to oust our so-called president, started by an average, everyday American citizen. I thought, wow, finally a possible way to get rid of our bigoted, big-mouthed Twitter-abusing commander in chief. I am totally behind this person, this American citizen, who has the guts to go on TV and promote his movement.

Let’s face it. President Donald Trump is on a path to a lot of the world hating us. He’s going to throw the U.S. in a war (I wonder with whom — could be anybody) and his ideas for health care and tax reform are a big joke. It’s time all of us sane and responsible citizens do something about it.

This new “reality show” of Trump’s is going to kill us, one way or another: medically, financially or even bodily. Now is the time to act. Not tomorrow, but today. It’s the right thing to do, if not the decent thing, to save us and our country.

Please join the rest of us American citizens who care about our future and our country’s future, and go online and sign the petition. The website is

Gary Kolasinski



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