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Letter: Let Gearhart healing begin

Mayor Matt Brown re Gearhart healing

Published on November 17, 2017 12:01AM

It’s time for the healing process to begin. The citizens of Gearhart have had a tumultuous couple of years. Measure 4-188 pitted neighbor versus neighbor, short-term rental owner versus citizen, and business owners versus the city.

Our citizens voted overwhelmingly to keep Gearhart residential, and we all need to honor the will of our voters. But that doesn’t mean our work is finished. When we give our current regulations a chance to work, over time we will be able to identify parts that are working well, and parts that need fixing. I very much look forward to hearing common sense ideas from all sides that benefit our citizens, while following the guidelines in our comprehensive plan.

I encourage folks who have constructive ideas to come to our City Council meetings, stop by City Hall and pick up a copy of our current regulations and comprehensive plan, or contact me and other councilors at any time with suggestions.

Protecting our residential zones, empowering our businesses and current business zones, and being welcoming to the influx of new full-time residents moving back to Gearhart, while welcoming our seasonal visitors, are not mutually exclusive ideas. With a near-record number of nightly rentals still operating in Gearhart, and our new citizens finding available housing to make Gearhart their permanent home, we are primed for excellent economic conditions going into the next decade.

Let’s all take a deep breath. We’ve all been through a lot, and now it’s time to come together and celebrate 100 years of this amazing city next year. I look forward to continuing reaching out to folks with different opinions than my own, and help promote what we all love about Gearhart.

There’s nothing we can’t solve if we respect each other, and work together. Cheers to 100 years of Gearhart, let the celebration and healing process begin.

Mayor Matt Brown



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