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Letter: Thompson earned respect

Mark Morgans re Lianne Thompson

Published on November 17, 2017 12:01AM

Clatsop County Commissioner Lianne Thompson has earned our respect, gratitude and admiration. I have observed her work tirelessly on a variety of projects that benefit the citizens of Clatsop County, including economic development, affordable housing and community emergency response preparations.

My experience is that she always presents herself very professionally and passionately. I particularly appreciate her emphasis on community service built on trust, honesty and integrity. She strives to understand a situation thoroughly, and another’s point of view, before effectively communicating her own, resulting in meaningful and rewarding collaborations.

Commissioner Thompson has truly embraced her responsibilities to the county and its constituents by helping to emulate the proper roles we should expect from our elected representatives. She holds herself, and therefore the county, accountable for their actions, and has always sought to involve stakeholders rather than exclude them from the public process.

I appreciate how she respects the diversity within our county with relation to us as individuals, and within the various business sectors of our community. Commissioner Thompson’s inclusiveness and compassion for a diverse group of stakeholders is a trademark of her interactions, a sign of her strengths and wisdom as a trailblazer, and the type of leader that makes our community a special place to live, work and show pride.

Mark Morgans

Cannon Beach


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