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Letter: What’s going on?

Diane Jette re Lianne Thompson

Published on November 17, 2017 12:01AM

I live in the Coast Range of Clatsop County where, for the most part, we require few county services. We rely on our volunteers for fire suppression, motor vehicle rescue and traffic control, emergency medical services, removal of downed trees on state and county roads and handling all manner of high winds, flooding and landslides.

We worked hard to see that our representative to the Clatsop County Commission, Lianne Thompson, was duly elected to speak for us as a commissioner about rural housing, jobs and environmental protection. When she educates herself within county guidelines and is then publicly excoriated under the guise of “reviewing travel/expenses policy,” told repeatedly that her attendance at seminars has “no value,” and subjected to a PowerPoint presentation containing inaccurate information and exaggerated graphics, it gets my dander up (“Lee calls for Thompson’s resignation,” The Daily Astorian, Oct. 26).

What’s going on? Why does my commissioner have to ask the chairman to stop members of the gallery from repeatedly displaying her campaign T-shirt with an X across it? Where did respect at public meetings go? Why have there been five commissioners (with four-year terms) in our rural district since 2009? Where can I get these disturbing questions answered?

Diane Jette



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