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Letter: Church and state

Ed Joyce re church and state

Published on November 24, 2017 12:01AM

Two weeks ago the Ales & Ideas crew put on an enlightening and well-attended panel discussion addressing church/state separation. The event, “Imperiled: Church/State Separation in America,” focused on several of the more egregious attempts by President Donald Trump’s administration to breach the wall of separation. From the feedback I received, it’s clear many people understand and respect the importance of maintaining a healthy separation between the church and state.

Issues like allowing a baker to refuse customers based on their sexual identities, and allowing tax dollars to support private schools are not just illegal, but they’re plain wrong. Unfortunately, compared with more pressing issues, church/state separation isn’t a priority for many people, and we often don’t realize our rights are in jeopardy until it’s too late.

Write to your representatives. Let them know how you feel about our First Amendment right of keeping the religious and secular separate. Be vigilant.

Ed Joyce



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