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Letter: Having it both ways

Laurie Caplan re Jordan Cove

Published on November 24, 2017 12:01AM

Thank you for the editorial about building our economy (“Oregon governor should confront climate change in ways that help economy, as well as environment,” The Daily Astorian, Nov. 20). I’m delighted that Oregon and other states acknowledge climate change, and want to support more sustainable, resilient state economies.

It’s great that Gov. Kate Brown attended the United Nation’s global climate change conference in Germany. I applaud Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley’s support of the Paris climate accords and efforts to publicize the issue and mobilize Oregonians and others to get active.

And yet, and yet … Brown, Merkley and Wyden refuse to speak out to oppose the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal and pipeline proposed for Coos Bay and five Oregon counties. It’s such a bad fossil fuel proposal that even the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission turned it down, but, as in all things with massive potential profits, it’s back with tweaks to its application and with the support of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Oregonians have been fighting this proposal for about 13 years, costing opponents money, work, anguish and trust in their elected leaders. It took nearly 12 years to defeat the two LNG terminals and pipelines proposed for Clatsop County; southern Oregon has no end in sight to their fight.

It appears Brown, Merkley and Wyden want it both ways: to protect our planet from fossil fuels and to aid in the damage and destruction of our state and planet from fossil fuels. It’s possible they believe the industry’s illusory promises about new jobs; or choose to ignore the booming growth in green energy jobs across the country and world; or don’t want to offend their traditional campaign donors; or are embracing hypocrisy.

Such a shame for three such talented people to miss this significant opportunity to promote Oregon as a leader of this nation’s turn to a green economy. What will it take for them to take a stand against Jordan Cove?

Laurie Caplan



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