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Letter: Robin Hood

Troy Haskell re getting involved

Published on December 1, 2017 12:01AM

We Americans are in a real-life old English folktale. We all know, or used to all know, the tale of Robin Hood. I am seeing most of us as the people of Nottingham, waiting for him to sail in with his dashing charisma and seemingly new ideas.

We have the Sheriff of Nottingham being played by Jeff Sessions, one of the most obviously bigoted people in our government, getting the law changed to be in a position to raise taxes. Meanwhile there is his greedy Royal Prince John — yes, President Donald Trump — a pampered nephew who is now in charge, while the true leader, King Richard the Lion King, is off warring, saving the wronged from the wicked to protect our home.

President Barack Obama set such a high standard, any political mistakes aside, of what most Americans fantasize how our president should behave. He even did what the overwhelming majority of you wanted. He was not white-skinned like all others had been, and it scared you away.

Look at what that has achieved: No. 1, greed controls everything; No. 2, the sheriff’s loyalists are being staged in certain places of authority; and No. 3, no one who is loyal, or too afraid, does anything but point the finger in any other direction but themselves or their Prince John. One example of that is “Fox News and Friends.”

Having enjoyed my two years of U.S. history in college, I am very concerned. We keep doing the same thing over and over, without ripping out all the rot, before figuring out how to rebuild. We need to come together, as the biggest together we can, to rip out all the rot.

Please get off the bench and help any way you might. Even if you don’t agree with me, get informed, get involved, and vote.

Troy Haskell



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