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Letter: Trump focuses on results

Don Haskell re President Trump

Published on December 1, 2017 12:01AM

We all hear complaints about President Donald Trump’s egotistical personality. But we forget we’re used to presidents who always try to hide how much of a hotshot they all think they are.

President Trump appears secure about himself. He’s made billions without trying to hide any part of his personality. You get what you see. And that’s an attribute that helped get him elected.

President Trump’s leadership qualities are unlike any other modern presidents. He tweets and he’s blunt. He doesn’t use the pussy-footing-tell them-what they-want-to-hear stuff we always hear from career politicians. That’s another attribute that helped get him elected.

American presidents almost always cater to American audiences in their foreign speeches. But not President Trump. He’s trying to get results like most business people do — not votes, like all politicians do. President Trump lives a result-oriented life. Career politicians seek votes to be elected for life.

President Trump knows everybody understands blunt talk. Foreign leaders, especially, appreciate bluntness because the translation makes his policies clearer.

Where President Trump’s personality holds him back is Congress. Sadly enough, politicians there don’t really like results like the President does. That’s probably why they just make promises so often. Results always seem to offend half the voters these days, and career politicians don’t like to do that.

President Trump’s public persona in the media isn’t so hot, but that’s because of the anti-Trump media people who constantly pound on the guy. From listening to his family, staff and social friends, he’s warm and friendly. And he appears to be a very generous person.

Liberals always like to call a nonliberal president stupid, like they now call President Trump. His formal education was as Ivy League as most presidents. He got very good grades. He’s got better street sense than most career politicians. And, you become a billionaire by being a lot smarter than me, or anybody reading this letter.

It seems to me name-calling and personal diatribes about President Trump are what’s not smart. People around here have more intelligence than that, and might do better by discussing the president’s results instead.

Don Haskell



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