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Letter: A time of lights, and other thoughts

Norm Hooge re winter

Published on December 8, 2017 12:01AM

With winter days and early darkness, we journey into the holiday and winter season. At dusk in Astoria, which is as far north in Oregon as one can get, we see the evening lights and colorful decorations of this time of year.

I look over the hills and see the dotted lights of houses. These are houses of different shapes and colors. They are homes to many — all with a different story of life.

I travel down Commercial Street, then up Marine Drive toward the bridge. The seasonal lights and decorations glisten. It’s hard not to feel some joy, even with the burdens of life.

Most of us are involved in the holiday season. There are so many things to do, and time seems to go so quickly. We rush to get things together for family and friends. We are excited. There can also be a craziness to these days.

Perhaps it’s time to relax a little, and enjoy, before the season is gone. I’m thinking there is something that connects the months gone by with the end of the year. This is a reflection on what I have done, or didn’t do, or didn’t do right.

People make New Year’s resolutions, but that isn’t it. This is a reflection on life, and how to make it better for me and others. We are small in this universe, yet so important. It is significant that we all live together in harmony. To me this is a simple truth that seems hard to do.

Of course this isn’t the only time, but the season of winter lights and the end of the year can offer a period to perhaps heal, and be more complete as a human, for myself and others.

Norm Hooge



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