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Letter: Trump’s tax gains

Chuck Meyer re taxes

Published on December 8, 2017 12:01AM

This is for all those Joe and Mary “sixpacks” who voted President Donald Trump into office. I can see why you continue to show support for him, since he has not been brought down by any of the multiple accusations of sex abuse, unlike so many in today’s climate.

He was going to “drain the swamp” of those Wall Street fat cats and bazillionaires who were ruining our country. Hmm, I guess that meant to clean them out of Wall Street, and move them into cabinet positions and other federal agency department heads.

No need for Joe or Mary to apply unless they contributed $10 million or more to his campaign. But it seems as if he’s going to get his biggest tax plan through, just in time to save Donald Trump, among other billionaires, at least $30 million on his own tax bill. He does this by getting rid of something known as the alternative minimum tax, which made sure that no matter how many exemptions your very expensive lawyers could find, you had to pay this tax.

Don’t worry Joe and Mary, he has not forgotten about you folks. Oh no, he’s raising yours, because someone has to make up for all those taxes the richest .01 percent are no longer paying.

They also took another stab at the affordable health plan by eliminating the requirement for all Americans to have health care. This will take millions of Americans off health insurance, and raise premiums for others to where they will not be able to buy any insurance.

But, all is not lost, you no longer will have to worry about the “death tax,” so your estate will be able to be passed on to your kids. Under the nasty old tax plan, you had to pay taxes on anything left after your individual $5.49 million estate. Doesn’t that make you feel good about Mr. Trump and his fellow Republicans removing this absurd limit on how much you pass along, without paying any taxes to help support our country?

Trump kept claiming that he was going to make America great again. When did we become not great? When he came into office, the U.S. had the lowest unemployment in decades, a record Dow Jones, probably the best, if not most expensive, military in the world, and the cleanest air and water. What wasn’t great about this?

Chuck Meyer



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