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Letter: Camp Rilea facilities should be good enough for Air National Guard

Troy Haskell re Camp Rilea

Published on December 13, 2017 12:01AM

Last changed on December 15, 2017 9:51AM

Open letter to U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, state Sen. Betsy Johnson, Gov. Kate Brown and the Clatsop County Commission:

I have served in the Oregon Army National Guard for 20 years, and my father, Lt. Col. Larry Haskell (retired) served for 44 years. All of my time, and most of my father’s career, was spent stationed out of Camp Rilea in Warrenton.

My concern is that millions of dollars were spent on Camp Rilea not too long ago to make it the place to train, certify, and house hundreds of troops. I do know the Oregon Air National Guard is being put into the Elliott Hotel in Astoria. I also know the commander of the Air Guard has said that the facilities at Camp Rilea are not adequate to house his soldiers — yet it is the same place that was adequate for the soldiers who actually face battle.

The military is the one place no one is different, except for rank. Yes, rank does have its privileges, but when one part of the team has an elitist attitude and behavior, it makes the team fail. That is proven behavior for Oregonians and most places. And elitism is not acceptable behavior anywhere.

Having recently gone through the Veterans Administration’s recognitive therapy, I must state the following:

The evaluation that was given in the beginning needs to be part of every military person’s profile/personnel record and medical record. Maybe there should be an enlistment quiz, even. Then, if that person has issues, at least there may be a place to start.

In conclusion, please tell me how to help with this, and /or maybe provide an answer to what I see as waste, fraud, and abuse of my money — which I have very little of. It is an insult to this veteran.

Troy J. Haskell



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