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Letter: We are heading in the right direction as a nation

Raymond Gardner re Robin Hood

Published on December 13, 2017 12:01AM

Last changed on December 15, 2017 9:51AM

On Dec. 1, The Daily Astorian printed an editorial comparing some of the fictional characters in the Robin Hood story with some of our present-day politicians (“Robin Hood”). Within the article there were some mistaken comparisons, such as comparing the Sheriff of Nottingham to Jeff Sessions, but really Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch fit that profile much better. The Sheriff of Nottingham was the main villain, and keeping the law meant nothing to him.

Comparing Prince John to President Donald Trump is not accurate, either. Prince John is President Obama. Obama, like Prince John, was having issues with the barons of Republicans because of his illegal schemes, crushing the working class, harboring fugitives, burdening the people with high taxes, creating an unbearable health management crisis, racial tension, bad economic and foreign policies, and corruption everywhere within his court.

The real Robin Hoods of today I consider to be men like Ted Cruz, who continually and willingly put themselves out there to champion and fight for what is right for the people, instead of what is right for the Prince.

Then comes King Richard, who defeated and rescued the people from Prince John’s evil empire. President Trump supports Americans, small business, family values, the Constitution, tough immigration and trade policies, lower taxes, making sound financial, social and foreign policies, and religious freedom. He is concerned, and responds to the issues of today.

Communist/monarch regimes require the support of the media to propagandize or hypnotize the American people into their way of thinking. Someday, someone will snap their fingers, and they will wake up only to find out they were goofs.

Everyone knows that the truth is from the stand-alone Fox News, who puts out an honest analysis and profile regarding each of their reports, along with facts and commentary to substantiate an honest and complete news story.

It has been a long time since we the people have had leaders who want to accomplish what Robin Hood wanted for his people. Finally, we are heading in the right direction as a nation. Let’s keep it going.

Raymond Gardner



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