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Letter: Thanks for turnout at animal assistance fundraiser

Pat Wilson re CAA fundraiser

Published on December 14, 2017 9:42AM

I want to express an appreciation for the outstanding turnout and support for the Clatsop Animal Assistance (CAA) Dec. 9 at the annual fundraiser and bake sale. So many folks volunteered their time, money, and effort, and in some cases, all of those at the same time.

Having been a part of a successful small community volunteer effort decades ago in North Central Washington to build a big community center called “the Barn,” this annual effort here to support animals in need is outstanding.

Rumor has it that it’s the second-largest fundraiser bake sale in America. Coupled with items to silent bid on, everyone should feel great about the final total raised for the animals that need help. Sure, I could name Linda Perkins and Crissy Christian and all the others, but with so many volunteers everyone should be proud to be a part of this … great job to all who helped.

Small towns are really good at this because of that sense of community and ownership. Count us in for next year.

Pat Wilson



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