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Letter: No benefit to wider roads in Warrenton

Published on December 27, 2017 7:38AM

The Warrenton City Commission recently passed a new ordinance mandating that roads to be built into new large development projects will need to be 36 feet wide, curb edge to curb edge, which is the maximum width that the Warrenton city code allows.

The state of Oregon fire code requires a minimum street width of 32 feet wide to accommodate parking on both sides of the street at the same time, plus enough extra width to allow fire trucks to operate on these streets. The extra 4 feet of width Warrenton requires is approximately 11 percent more than normally required to meet Oregon code requirements.

The extra 4 feet extended over the full distance of all of the roads in a new development would be contributing a very large amount of hard road surface to accumulate rainfall runoff, in addition to presenting drivers with a temptation to drive faster than the normal residential street speed limit because of the much larger road width.

Speed bumps would have been a good idea to help manage traffic speeds in residential areas. It’s very difficult to provide Warrenton Commission members with ideas before they make final votes. I see no benefit to the extra width now required in Warrenton for future roads.

Scott Widdicombe



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