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Letter: Without Jesus there would be no Christmas

Published on December 27, 2017 7:38AM

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Stores and streets and many homes are decorated with beautiful lights, ornaments, decorations and messages indicating this to be a very special season. The air and airways are filled with sweet sounds of carols and hymns. Friends, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers greet one another with smiles and “Merry Christmas!”

Children line up to sit in the lap of Santa and present pleas for bikes, dolls and whatever the latest toy might be. And of course, they all confess to having been good the past year.

We send cards and receive cards from friends, family, loved ones, and sometimes nearly forgotten acquaintances. The cards are beautiful, often showing appropriate scenes of snow, sleights, Santa, wise men, shepherds, angels, and baby Jesus in manger, etc., with wishes of peace, joy, and good will to all.

It is also a very enjoyable season for families to gather and share a feast of good food and express and display love of one another.

Christmas is in many ways the most enjoyable season of the year, but let us not forget, it all points back to Jesus, the Son of God. Without Jesus there would be no Christmas.

Enjoy Christmas, but help someone less fortunate, and pray for our military men and women who are serving and protecting our freedoms and way of life. Attend a church service and give thanks for Jesus our Lord. But resolve to let him be your Lord all the time, not just during this brief season.

Ken Tipps

Astoria Church of Christ


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