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Letter: Bus agency should offer expanded service, not phone apps

Published on January 4, 2018 8:58AM

On behalf of the disenfranchised working class and the poor of the state of Oregon, we would like to ask that the board of directors of the Sunset Empire Transportation District’s Northwest Ride Center restrain itself from the tyranny of gadgetry, in regard to its so-called “permanent” new funding source, the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars, i.e. a new payroll tax for transport.

One wonders if a deal is already in the works, whereby the funding thus provided by the people has been promised to Wall Street techno fat cats, in the form of “apps” deals, and fake techno money schemes proposed for alternate bus fare. This is truly shocking, were it found to be found true.

Please be advised that we the people, who are the permanent underclass, are precisely both the clientele and the funders of the ride center. Therefore, to inflict a regime of “taxation without representation” would be most unwise.

What we need are not gadgets that imply ownership of $500 a pop smartphones; not your main clients, by the way. What is needed from any interim funding (in the form of a newly extracted tax,) is more buses to more people, and expanded ride care rides, i.e., serving our real needs.

Make this your priority, please. As we become further impoverished by irresponsible spending of our funds, we cannot afford cars, and that is why we are forced to take a bus. So, please figure this one out.

You can start by putting a bus out to Riverpoint/Cavalier Court, where the working people have been waiting for years, since the last ride center spending spree and corruption scandal.

Lois J. Dupey



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