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Letter: Clarification on voters’ pamphlet

Published on January 9, 2018 12:01AM

In response to a letter to the editor from Diane Amos, “Special election concerns,” printed in the Cannon Beach Gazette, please see the below quote taken from a message posted by Secretary of State Dennis Richardson to our website on Dec. 27. It addresses Ms. Amos’ concern.

“As you read your Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet, you will see arguments submitted in favor and in opposition of the measure to be voted on. Sometimes authors purposely submit ‘Yes’ arguments in the ‘No’ column and ‘No’ arguments in the ‘Yes’ column. Oregon law requires the Elections Division to place arguments as submitted. If you notice arguments that seem to be in the wrong column, please be aware that this was not an error; it was the desire of the author who submitted the argument.”

Secretary Richardson’s entire message and attached a letter from the office of Oregon’s Attorney General with statutes, and a legal opinion regarding this matter, can be found at

I hope you will print this information for the benefit of Ms. Amos and your other readers.

Debra Royal

Chief of Staff, Oregon Secretary of State



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