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Letter: Measure 101 is good for all

Published on January 9, 2018 12:01AM

We have an opportunity to do something good for our community by voting “yes” on Measure 101. It will continue health care funding for the working families, children, seniors and disabled who count on Medicaid. That is coverage for about 25 percent of our state — perhaps including you, your relatives or your friends.

The illness of an adult or child can cost someone their job because of time away from work. If that is one of your coworkers or employees, it can possibly jeopardize your own business or job security. The health care providers in Oregon have endorsed Measure 101 because they know a doctor visit to prevent sickness is more effective for a stable society than an emergency room visit after an illness has taken hold.

But there is a minority opposed to Measure 101 because they don’t like how our state has addressed Medicaid funding. Is the Oregon budget an example of perfection? Of course not, but to punish 25 percent of our citizens just to prove a point is not good government either. It is cruel.

One in four Oregonians need the health care coverage that will come from passing Measure 101. And you need them to have it, too. I encourage you to vote “yes” on Measure 101.

Bryan Kidder



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