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Letter: No health care sales tax

Published on January 9, 2018 12:01AM

Oregon voters beware. The Measure 101 sales tax on health care will not lower health insurance, nor will it improve health care for Oregon families. However, it is expected that pro-tax bureaucrats in Salem will keep raising this tax, just as most sales taxes around the nation are continually raised.

These are some of those who will be hardest hit:

1. Medicaid providers themselves will be taxed under this new plan, potentially reducing payments to doctors and nurses who already work at cost to help

Oregon’s neediest citizens.

2. Thousands of college students attending Oregon’s universities and community colleges will be forced to pay higher tuition because of the schools’ having to pay the health care sales tax.

3. Oregon school districts in the large group market will be hit, causing an expected $25 million to be sucked out of our local schools.

4. The Public Employee Benefit Board (PEBB) plan will be taxed, pulling $12 million from our General Fund.

5. Patients in hospitals whose net revenue will have a hard sales tax imposed, and will pass in on to the patients’ health insurance costs.

6. Small businesses (under 50 employees) who cover their employees’ health care will pay the sales tax.

Large corporations, unions, and the insurance companies themselves are exempt from the law. Oregon is already the sixth biggest tax and spend state in the nation, at $9,070 per person.

Please vote “no” on Measure 101 by Jan. 23. It is bad policy for all Oregon families.

Chris Bridgens



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