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Letter: Vote ‘no’ on Measure 101

Published on January 9, 2018 12:01AM

Vote “no” on Measure 101. Health care is a benefit we all need however, exempting corporations, unions, and insurance companies themselves from having to shoulder any of the burden of a basic need like health care is just appalling.

This leaves only individuals and families who private pay for their insurance, who have struggled most with rising premiums and eye-popping deductibles, with the responsibility of funding the health care services of our most vulnerable populations. Highly unfair, egregious and inequitable.

Gov. Kate Brown made sure that health care special interests and big corporations don’t pay this tax. She also carved out unions and the insurance companies. Private pay individuals have already realized double digit rate increases in their insurance costs.

Oregon’s middle and lower class can no longer shoulder the additional cost so corporations, unions and insurance companies can get a free pass. Doctors, nurses, hospitals and other health care special interests will just pass their burden onto ratepayers, so no surprise they’re endorsing this measure.

The governor and legislature can fix this without a bailout. A billion health care dollars already blown through by the state — the Cover Oregon website, Medicaid overpayments, etc. — and rather than correct their wasteful spending pattern, they give themselves a pass and provide a massive bailout to special interest. Unacceptable.

Legislators need to go back to the table and create appropriate funding to ensure the needs of students, poor and elderly are met. If we truly believe in equity, then everyone should have skin in the game.

Stephen Malkowski



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