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Letter: Students calling out Trump, Congress on gun violence

Published on February 20, 2018 8:10AM

Most women don’t like President Donald Trump, and every day the tally grows. I predict that during the midterm elections this fall, women will vote in droves, and there will be a huge adjustment in the Congress that will make it very difficult for him to continue doing the kinds of dreadful things he does. He may just return to the Trump Towers and call it a day.

The smart, articulate, surviving students of the Parkland (Florida) High School have been dismayed that in his response to the killings, Trump did not use the word “gun.” They felt his words were needlessly divisive. These are wonderful, savvy kids who know what they know, despite their pain and loss.

They are taking up the cudgel for the nation, and invite us all to join them in their fight for gun control. They have a list of all the folks in Congress who take donations from the National Rifle Association, and are calling them out, including Trump, whose contributions from the NRA are in the millions.

The students are calling for anti-gun violence demonstrations in Washington, and other cities, on March 24. Change is coming.

Mary Tanguay Webb



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