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Letter: Spirits crushed by re-enactment’s cancellation

Published on February 23, 2018 9:40AM

I received some news yesterday that was devastating. I was informed that our annual Civil War re-enactment on Labor Day weekend will not be held at Fort Stevens this year. The reason given was that my re-enactment club cannot meet the park’s financial demands.

I was there for the first re-enactment my club held at Fort Stevens. That was way back in 1990, 28 years ago. I was 15 years old at the time. It was my first full event. I have attended every Fort Stevens re-enactment. It was my favorite event. I loved the location, the ambiance, the scenery, the journey to the event. It was the first re-enactment my wife and I ever attended together, back in 2009. Now it’s gone.

I feel like a part of my soul, the re-enacting part, has had a huge piece torn away from it. I always looked forward to every re-enacting season, because I knew I would top out the year with Fort Stevens, our largest event. Not happening this year.

I am still undecided at this point, but this may be my last year in the hobby. My interest in the hobby was waning, and now with the removal of my favorite event … the last nail in the coffin, as it were.

My spirits are crushed. I have feelings of sadness and anger at the same time. My favorite event, gone.

Darin Richardson



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