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Letter: Voters’ pamphlets necessary for healthy democracy

Published on February 23, 2018 9:41AM

Voters’ pamphlets are necessary for a healthy democracy. I will not be voting for any county commissioner candidate who does not support the creation of a voters’ pamphlet for local elections in odd-numbered years.

In Clatsop County, these elections typically have 120 positions to fill. Without a voters’ pamphlet, the electorate has little information by which to compare candidates. This critical election includes candidates for school boards, transportation district boards, health district boards, and the Port of Astoria Commissioners.

Oregon Statute 251.365 states that county clerks “may apportion the cost of preparing, printing and distributing the county voters’ pamphlet as a cost of the election.” This does not preclude the county from paying for part or all the voters’ pamphlet.

The mission statement of the Clatsop Elections Office includes “supporting the democratic processes.” This means providing a voters’ pamphlet, just as other counties do. Whatever the cost, it is a small price to pay if it results in the election of better candidates.

Larry Taylor



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