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Letter: When did life stop being so precious?

Published on February 23, 2018 9:40AM

But for the gun, Officer Jason Goodding would still be patrolling Seaside. But for the gun, newspapers would not be printing the pictures of 17 beautiful kids who are no longer walking amongst us.

All my life I’ve wondered how people in the Middle East could tolerate so much death and destruction on a daily basis. Where are their leaders? Where are our leaders when there is so much carnage everyday in America?

Fifty-eight thousand soldiers died over a 10-year period in Vietnam for no reason. Thirty thousand Americans die in our country every year from guns. Who, and what, is the enemy? It’s guns, it’s always guns.

Our culture is becoming more toxic, and easy access to guns is madness. Until gun owners show they care, show they are willing to endure a few more inconveniences, and even strictly regulate weapons of war, nothing will change.

When did life stop being so precious? Do we really have a president who can’t even articulate the most basic human empathy? Tears streamed down Obama’s face. President Donald Trump smiles for the cameras. We have a long way to go, but we can fix this.

Those who don’t care enough, please look at the 17 faces I saw in the paper today. Then tell me about your rights.

Jim Spurr

Cannon Beach


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