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Letter: Astoria is not a gated community

Published on February 27, 2018 9:15AM

My wife, Cecilia, and I decided, in 1984, to buy a house and make Astoria our home. We have seen and been through a lot of changes living in one place.

I have had the honor to serve 25 years in the military. I have earned early retirement the hard way. I’m now able to slow down, and with help, maybe have a life worth living. But sometimes a fixed income makes maintenance issues go extra slowly.

Running Fix it Troy Handyman Services for, well, most of my life, I know the maintenance schedule of this county. A person begins to prepare the exterior of a home in February so, weather permitting, one can have the painting done by July for summer cure time.

On Feb. 12, I received a warning letter from the city of Astoria giving me until Feb. 26 to “make presentable looking to neighbors” my carport. If I don’t comply, “you will appear before a judge at your expense.” This is the first contact. There’s an overpriced house nearby that is not selling. Must be the view of my shop/staging/parking/storage/garbage can spot/back yard, so the realtor has filed a complaint.

While I agree my back yard may look somewhat unsightly, this is not how to conduct civil business with the people who pay their salary.

The realtor and the city of Astoria should know that this is not the way to treat their neighbors. Astoria is not a gated community, and I will die making sure that doesn’t happen.

Troy Haskell



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