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Letter: County ordinance should be available online

Published on March 1, 2018 12:01AM

Last changed on March 2, 2018 7:39AM

I recently received a rather confusing postcard from Clatsop County Community Development notifying me that “Clatsop County has proposed a land use regulation that may affect the permissible uses of your property and other properties” and that it “may change the value of your property.”

The postcard further advises me that said ordinance is available for inspection at the county offices, or I can purchase a copy at a “nominal cost.” Why can I not read and inspect this ordinance online? I mean, is it 2018 or 1918? Every state or federal proposed legislation/law can be accessed online. But, apparently, that’s beyond the technical reach of Clatsop County.

It is unbelievable that something this important, in a day of widespread easily available technology, requires us to drive to Astoria to find out, quite probably, exactly how we’re about to be screwed by the county. On top of that, we have to pay a “nominal” (what’s nominal to you, may be significant to me) undefined fee for the privilege of a copy to study at home.

Really, is Clatsop County that ignorant of computer technology? Or is it a case of incompetence? Or does the county have something to hide? I suspect it’s all three.

Bill Graffius



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