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Letter: Shocked that Fort Stevens sacrificed Civil War re-enactment

Published on March 1, 2018 12:01AM

Last changed on March 2, 2018 7:31AM

With regard to the front-page story “Civil War re-enactment will relocate from Fort Stevens State Park after 27 years” (The Daily Astorian, Feb. 21), I have to say I was shocked to read that Fort Stevens State Park is willing to lose an economic boon for our area. Ignoring our country’s history will not change it. Forgetting our history, we’re doomed to repeat it.

To my knowledge, Fort Stevens State Park pays no water or sewer to the city of Warrenton, the reason being that they supply a customer base who shops locally, and that should be enough. That might have been a great plan 30 years ago, but the park has expanded greatly in the past 10-15 years. There are lots of new campsites, luxury cabins, and yurts. When the deal was inked, they also agreed to pay some $600,000 towards our new water treatment plant.

Since the cost of everything has gone up, I believe the city of Warrenton should start charging them for the privilege of using city services. It doesn’t seem to bother State Parks that those 800-plus re-enactors and their support, plus all of the good folks who come here to see this historical re-enactment, will no longer be spending their hard-earned money here in Clatsop County.

Let them pay for water, sewer and garbage like everyone else. It’s way past time for Fort Stevens to do their part.

Holly Summers



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