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Letter: Vote Orr for state representative

Published on March 7, 2018 8:34AM

I am pleased at the number of citizens willing to step into public office this year. The primary election ballots are due May 15. This election is when our political parties sort out who will represent them in the November election.

John Orr is a Democrat running for our District 32 seat in the Oregon House of Representatives. He will get my vote, and has surpassed my criteria for these reasons:

He appreciates and reads history, and is willing to use lessons of the past to inform his decisions about today.

He knows the law, how laws are made, and the consequences which come when they are broken.

His 20-plus years in our county as a public defender tells me he will listen, and is able to successfully navigate and negotiate — and reach for best outcomes among his diligently researched options.

He hunts, loves the outdoors, and works to keep our natural environment safe.

He’s not a politician.

I endorse John Orr for election as state representative for District 32.

Sara Meyer



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