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Letter: County notice is available online

Gail Henrickson re county ordinance

Published on March 8, 2018 11:01AM

With regard to the letter “County ordinance should be available online” (The Daily Astorian, March 1), I wanted to address and clarify the purpose of the language on the postcard, and explain the proposed changes.

The proposed changes are requested by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The Department of Land Conservation and Development has informed the county that those changes required a notice to be sent to all affected property owners under Measure 56. Oregon statutes include very specific language that must be included on the notice, including that the ordinance is available for purchase.

The county has not charged anyone who has requested a copy of the draft language, and will not charge anyone for this. A copy of the proposed language was posted last week on the county’s website at

Regarding the proposed revisions, FEMA is requiring the county to make changes to the section of its code regulating construction in the Special Hazard Flood Area. Specifically, FEMA is requesting that the county stop exempting certain activities from having to obtain a floodplain development permit. 

For example, currently exempted activities include constructing a shed that is smaller than 200 square feet, or constructing a driveway if there is no change to the topography. Removing those exemptions means residents would now have to come in for permits in the future.

I encourage residents to contact me with any questions or concerns they might have. I can be reached at 503-338-3664 or via email at

Gail Henrikson

Community Development Director

Clatsop County


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