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Letter: Trump’s changes are successes at work

Published on March 8, 2018 11:00AM

After only one year in office, President Donald Trump’s policy changes are successes at work. Although I could fill this page, here are only a few:

• Partnered with Congress for tax reform that gives billions in decreased income taxes (without a single Democrat vote).

• Gave women-owned businesses priority for $500 million in federal loans, and signed executive orders to support careers in aerospace for women and to encourage entrepreneurship by women.

• Lessened federal government bureaucracy by cutting 16 federal rules and regulations for every new regulation (not just 2 to 1 as promised), and approved 15 congressional regulatory cuts.

• Withdrew from the Trans-Pacific partnership, believing it’s an unfavorable trade deal for America and her workers.

• Is enforcing longstanding immigration laws that President Obama refused to enforce.

• Ordered a crackdown on international criminal organizations, including the notorious MS-13 gang.

• Blocked foreign aid that’s used for abortions and continues to partner with Congress to lessen abortions in America.

• Is rebuilding and strengthening the military, and is taking very strong, no-nonsense approaches to foreign provocations.

• Added $2 billion to improve America’s veterans’ hospitals and health care.

The gross domestic product (GDP) is now over 3 percent, American business is booming, more businesses are moving to America, more people have jobs, workers have more money, and investors are happy as clams.

If President Trump keeps the path he’s on, it looks to me like he might set a record for Republican votes in 2020.

Don Haskell



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