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Letter: Your veterans need your help

Dick Lang re disabled veterans van

Published on April 10, 2018 9:54AM

Every weekday at 7 a.m., the Disabled American Veterans van departs from the parking lot on Marine Drive just west of Burger King, with veterans who have medical appointments at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Portland.

Our local veterans depend on this transportation for medical treatment they otherwise would not receive. Many are treated for life-threatening conditions, and have no other way to see their physicians.

This crucial service is provided by volunteer drivers who deliver the veterans to their appointments, have breakfast and lunch (on the VA) or read in a drivers’ lounge, then return to Astoria that afternoon when all the veterans have received their treatments.

We need additional drivers to continue providing uninterrupted service to our veterans. You can make a difference by ensuring our veterans receive the medical treatment they deserve.

Do you have one or two days a month to help serve our veterans? Find out how you can help by calling Dick Lang at 503-298-8757 or sending an email to

The commitment to be a driver will earn you a free physical examination, breakfast and lunch in the veterans’ cafeteria on the days you drive, and a wonderful feeling of satisfaction you get by helping our veterans. Please, join us now.

Dick Lang



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