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Letter: Cruelty should not be policy

Laurie Caplan re immigrant children

Published on June 26, 2018 9:25AM

I’m grateful that journalists are revealing the damage inflicted by the Trump administration’s inhumane immigration policy. The U.S. government has forcibly separated about 3,000 children — even babies and toddlers — from their parents, who are legally and peacefully seeking asylum from danger and threats of death in their home countries.

These children were placed in child internment camps and are being treated like criminals. Worse, government recordkeeping is so careless that nonprofit groups struggle to identify which children belong to which adults.

President Donald Trump’s family separation actions have created thousands of future enemies of our country. These are the people fleeing danger in their own countries, who believe in the American dream, and who are now being brutalized by the very country they thought would provide safe harbor.

The short-term consequences are appalling for these children, their families and our economy. The long-term consequences will be disastrous. We, as a country, will be paying for this sin for generations.

Many, if not most, Republican voters approve of ripping apart immigrant families and traumatizing their children. They are willing to ignore the rule of law, forget due process and reject compassion and kindness. This leads me to think they’re far more of a danger to the U.S. than the immigrants on our southern border.

It’s up to each of us to demand an end to cruelty as public policy. We must defend democracy and human decency.

Laurie Caplan



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