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Letter: Move little kids out of tsunami zone first

Alice Chaloux re moving Warrenton schools

Published on June 26, 2018 9:25AM

In regard to the article “Warrenton schools eye several master campus sites” (The Daily Astorian, June 15), I totally agree we need to move our schools out of the tsunami zone. What I do not understand at all, is why would we move the most vulnerable age last.

The article mentions the decision to float a bond in November to buy a master campus and build a middle school, a bond in 2022 to move the high school, and finally a bond in 2032 to move the elementary school. Do we need to rethink this, and move the little kids first?

In their tsunami drills, the elementary school walks little kids as young as 3 west on Ninth Street, toward the ocean, to the rise on Juniper Street. I have no idea what the high school does, but they do have access to all those cars in the parking lot, and kids old enough to drive.

Let’s move the little, most vulnerable, ones first, please.

Alice Chaloux



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