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Letter: This is not greatness

Michael A. ‘Sasha’ Miller

Published on June 26, 2018 9:25AM

One terrifying moment scarred me far more than the many others in my abusive childhood. My giant of a stepfather had shoved my mother out the door, causing her to hit her head on a concrete step. When he carried her back in the house, her arms flailed, her eyes rolled in her head, and she babbled incoherently.

All the beatings, all the whippings, all the times I endured a raging man hurl insults and profanities at me (a small child) and cringed in his presence were nothing compared to that moment — when I thought my mother was going to die, when I thought I’d lost her.

Now U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are causing similar harm to some children; taking them from their island of love and security, their whole world. How many of them will have post-traumatic stress disorder from such a malicious act? For how many will it be years, or decades, before their minds know any real peace again, or perhaps never to recover?

This is not greatness. Greatness would shove the giants down, badged or not, and protect children and families from harm.

Make America great again.

Michael A. “Sasha” Miller



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