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Letter: Pruitt must be removed from EPA

Sharon Kloepfer re Scott Pruitt

Published on June 27, 2018 9:03AM

If you want a healthy, non-toxic environment to live in for yourself, your children and grandchildren, this is important. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt must be removed from office.

His actions to undo regulations that protect clean air and clean water, that protect the public from toxic chemicals, and that decrease greenhouse gas emissions, are the antithesis to the purpose of the agency he heads. We are going to have to rename it the Environmental Pollution Agency.

His actions of corruption, self-dealing, and abuse of the public trust/money are beyond the pale for a government employee. He has kept his job because of his allegiance to President Donald Trump and those who serve him, especially the fossil fuel industry, who will sacrifice our world to make a buck.

Americans must do better than this. The fix is to vote Republicans out of office. Spread the word to friends and family around the country.

Please take care of our beautiful country. We must put an end to this sham.

Sharon Kloepfer



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